When you download atvise from Vester Business website, you need to activate a license in order to test the software. Here you have a procedure to get a free 30 days trial license:

1. Download atvise scada for your operating system: https://atvise.vesterbusiness.com/en/downloads/

2. Install atvise scada with administrator rights (right click, run as administrator)

3. After installing atvise scada with administrator rights, go to atvise monitor --> Get License:




4. An application form will popup to activate the license. Select Enter Manually at the bottom:




5. Copy the Hardware Code and send it to your sales or support contact in Vester, or to info@vestersl.com / soporte@vestersl.com:




6. We will send you a .txt file with the license code. You have to paste that license code in “License code for license ID” section below:




7. Now you can open atvise builder and start your designs: