If the historic transaction does not create the sql code to create the table and insert it into the database

Created by Jose Fabian Solano, Modified on Tue, 09 May 2023 at 05:37 PM by Jose Fabian Solano

function _createTableSqlServer(){
  var query = sprintf("IF OBJECT_ID(N'%1$s', N'U') IS NULL BEGIN\
    CREATE TABLE %1$s (\
        \"id\" INT PRIMARY KEY IDENTITY(0, 1),\
        tag NVARCHAR(255) NOT NULL,\
        number_value FLOAT,\
        quality SMALLINT NOT NULL,\
        ts DATETIME2 NOT NULL\
  END;\r\n", _getTableName())
  return query;
}Insert:function _insertDataSqlServer(){
  var values = [];
  for(var row of $.input){
    var rowValues = "(";
    rowValues += sprintf("'%s',", row.getValue("tag"));
    rowValues += row.getValue("number_value")+",";
    rowValues += row.getValue("quality")+",";
    //Timestamp is created using the ISO String representation of the date in the ts column of the dataset
    rowValues+= sprintf("'%s'", row.getValue("ts").toISOString());
    rowValues += ")";
  var query = sprintf("INSERT INTO %s (tag, number_value, quality, ts) VALUES\r\n%s;\r\n", _getTableName(), values.join(",\r\n"));
  return query;

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