1 step: 

we have to create a new module, we gave it a name, then we have to create a channel, thats the way its a communicate with the database.

The option of data Colletion have to be enable.

In the type option: We choose the manager of our database.

Host: The ip address of our device.

Port: The port number.

Default Database: The name of our database.

In the authentication tab:

Username: the user of the database.

Password: Password of the user.

Then we can saved.

Now we have to create a Transaction.

The tap Query:

this field contains the query of our database, example:

And the option parser:

The objetive of this script is get the value of the database and drop to a tag in vnode.

We must create a tag, in order to visualize the value obtained from the database.

We go to the tag tab and create a group and a new tag.

We name it and see the options:

Inside the source tab, we choose the type of module, the module we create and the name of our transaction and channel.

With this format: Channel / Transaction.

We save the configuration.

And now we can see our data en real time.