vNode SQL Client inserts data into Databases using UTC format to be able to process the data in a unified way regardless of its origin. However, you can use Moment Javascript library to modifiy the timestamp. 

The SqlClient version also includes Moment Timezone, which is used to parse dates in specific time zones and to change time zones that are given a moment object.

Example using SQL Server:

We will look for the History Transaction Query Script.
Look the following function into the script:

function _insertDataSqlServer(){



  rowValues+= sprintf("'%s'", row.getValue("ts").toISOString());





Change the last line for -> rowValues+= sprintf("'%s'",moment(row.getValue("ts").toISOString()).tz("America/Belize").format());


We have set America/Belize for the example, please feel free to adjust it to your preferred time zone.

Created by Anthony Herra.