It is very requested that somebody receives an email when an alarm trips. This is one possible way to configure that in atvise scada:

1. Configure the alarms in your tags. 

2. Connect to your SMTP server:

3. Import the SendMail function from ATVISE library to PROJECT library:



4. Now create a script to call this SendEmail function. That script will trigger when any alarm of a group of objects trips. You can place this script wherever you want depending on your strategies. For example, on a folder under OBJECTS:

Create a parameter called "alm", type "alarm", check the Trigger and select the path of the group of tags you would like to send the email. For example, for all the tags, the path should be: ns=1;s=AGENT.OBJECTS*

5. Finally, write the script. For example, check the alarmStateId attribute of the alarm and, if it is true, call the SendEmail function passing the parameters it needs: