You can manage your backups under vNode by using two options: 

  • Import a back up from another node or a previous node, 
  • Create a new back up 

Follow these three steps in order to create a new back up : 

Navigation menu >> Config 


Explorer Menu >> Right clic on the node >> Click on Manage Backups



A window opens, at this stage you will have two options, either Import a config, or Create a new back up


Create back up 

Click on Create on the previous window, a window opens. Give a name to your back up, and a description if needed, then click ‘Ok’ . 









Import back up 


You can import a back up previously created, clicking on import and browsing your computer. Yout backup will appear in the backup manager. Click on the […] button, then select “Load”. This will restart vNode and display the modules, tags, connections, present in your backup Zip.